Penzion Ve Skale (Hotel in the Rock)

Accommodation below the castle Loket near Karlovy Vary

Penzion Ve Skale (Hotel In The Rock) offers accommodation below the castle Loket with castle view from every room. Hotel rooms are equipped with private bathroom, Wi-Fi and TV-SAT. In the hotel there is a unique lounge literally “In The Rock” suitable for private or corporate events. We have rock walls inside the building! Nearby city Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad) is only 8km (10 minutes) away from Loket town. We provide an ideal background in the heart of Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad) spa region.

Actual tips for trips

Castle Loket

VIDEO: Castle Loket
The Castle Loket has been keeping the bohemian border since the 13th century. You can see a exposition of torture in the basement, a dragon in the tower, the cursed burggrave or porcelan collections. More information


Svatošské rocks near Loket

VIDEO: Svatošské rocks
A petrified wedding in the forested valley of the Ohře river between Karlovy Vary and Loket is called Svatosske rocks. It can be approached by a bike or by foot, there is a rope bridge over the river and a restaurant directly at the rocks.
3D tour and more information



VIDEO: Karlovy Vary
We recomend you to start the tour on T.G.Masaryk boulevard or at Thermal Hotel. Along the collonade gallery, where all of the springs are located, you come to the Pupp Grandhotel. From here you can take a cablerail ride to Diana sight tower, which offers a beautiful panorama.
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Cycling and hiking

Link to the list of cycle-routes. There is a central cycle-route of the Karlsbad region directly in front of the Guesthouse. Favourite localities: rocks Svatosske Skaly, Kladska peatbog, Castle and manor Becov nad Teplou.


Popular tourist destinations: Svatošské rocks, Kladská, Krásno sight tower

Svatošské rocks are a easily approachable destination on the central bikeway, only 6 km far from the guesthouse. The natural reservation Kladská is 900 situated meter over the sea, which means, that there is the same nature, like in Sumava – moors, the vegetation and so on. Another attractive destination is the Krasno view-tower.


We offer accommodation in 3 objects in town Loket

Penzion Ve Skále

Loket, Penzion Ve Skále

Bathroom: Private | Breakfast: Yes
More information: rooms, pricelist
Bookable all year

Hostel Loket

Hostel Loket

Bathroom: Shared | Breakfast: No
More information: rooms, pricelist
Summer season: May – October

Hostel Sokolov

Sokolov, Domov mládeže

Bathroom: Private | Breakfast: No
More information: rooms, pricelist
Opened: June-August

FVE Penzion Ve Skále

Projekt FVE pro Penzion Ve Skále
s reg. č. CZ.31.3.0/0.0/0.0/22_001/0005964
je spolufinancován Evropskou unií.

Cílem projektu je instalace fotovoltaické elektrárny (včetně akumulace) sloužící pro vlastní spotřebu žadatele. Za pomoci využití obnovitelných zdrojů dojde k optimalizaci zajištění elektrické energie pro podnikatelskou činnost.

Penzion Ve Skále v Lokti hodnocení