Castles and manors

Castle Loket

VIDEO: Castle Loket
The Castle Loket has been keeping the bohemian border since the 13th century. You can see a exposition of torture in the basement, a dragon in the tower, the cursed burggrave or porcelan collections. More information


Bečov nad Teplou

VIDEO: Bečov nad Teplou
The former gothical castle has been veriegated with stone portals and frescas in a renaissance reconstruction. It houses the Shrine of St. Maurus – a unique relic in middle Europe.
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Chateau Kynžvart

VIDEO: Kynžvart
Near the famous Marianske Lazne, at the confluence of three rivers, there stands a fairy tale chateau, having close connection to the Mettrnich family.
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Monastery Teplá

Beside devine services used for church music concerts too. To the monastery belongs one of the oldest and most important libraries in Bohemia.
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Chateau Mostov

VIDEO: Chateaus Mostov and Kamenný dvůr
Chateau Mostov breathes with the atmosphere full of elegance, history and touching romantic.
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Chateau Sokolov

VIDEO: Chateau Sokolov
Late renaissance and early barock built Sokolov chateau is situated in the town center. The chateau houses regional history, minning, geology and ecology museum.


Castle Ostroh – Seeberg

VIDEO: Castle Ostroh
Romanic ministrant castle from the late 12th century, later rebuilt in gothic and then renaissance style.
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Castle Vildštejn near Skalna

VIDEO: Castle Vildštejn
Castle has been built in 1166 in romanic style. In the Small and the Great Knight Hall can the guests feast. because a knight kitchen belongs to the castle. It’s why everybody can feel here like a king.
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