Chateau Mostov

VIDEO: Chateaus Mostov and Kamenný dvůr
Chateau Mostov breathes with the atmosphere full of elegance, history and touching romantic.
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VIDEO: – Cheb
For it’s architectonical uniqity declared 1981 to town monument zone. The Cheb Castle with the Black tower and a two storeyed chapel ist one of the most beautiful middle european romanic monuments.
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Františkovy Lázně

VIDEO: – Františkovy Lázně
Beautiful, even when small. Their core ist the modern Národní třída with a collonade gallery and a Franz Spring pavillon. It stil keeps the feeling of the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, when the european spa industry boomed.
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Castle Ostroh – Seeberg

VIDEO: Castle Ostroh
Romanic ministrant castle from the late 12th century, later rebuilt in gothic and then renaissance style.
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Natural reservation SOOS

Large complex of moors, peat bogs and dew forests with many mineral springs stretches across the Cheb plateau. Recomended when visiting Frantiskovi Lazne.
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Castle Vildštejn near Skalna

VIDEO: Castle Vildštejn
Castle has been built in 1166 in romanic style. In the Small and the Great Knight Hall can the guests feast. because a knight kitchen belongs to the castle. It’s why everybody can feel here like a king.
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Aquaforum – Waterworld and relax centre in spa Frantiskovi Lazne

Newly opened aquapark based on the Roman background offers you perfect relaxation. We recommend to visit it particularly in the evening when is the waterlevel wonderfully alight. It is convenient connect your visit with a stroll through Spa Františkovy Lázně.More information.

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