Walking distace around Loket

Castle Loket

VIDEO: Castle Loket
The Castle Loket has been keeping the bohemian border since the 13th century. You can see a exposition of torture in the basement, a dragon in the tower, the cursed burggrave or porcelan collections. More information


Svatošské rocks near Loket

VIDEO: Svatošské rocks
A petrified wedding in the forested valley of the Ohře river between Karlovy Vary and Loket is called Svatosske rocks. It can be approached by a bike or by foot, there is a rope bridge over the river and a restaurant directly at the rocks.
3D tour and more information


Výlet na Šibeniční Vrch

Elbow was, in ancient times, a regional execution city. On top of the castle stands Šibeniční Vrch. There is a torso of a stone building of the former execution site with a circular ground plan of 4.8 m. The gallows is thanks to the natural character of the surroundings very impressive and worth a trip, it is hard to find a place with a similar genius loci. Only the most important thing is missing – the swinging loop.


Loket’s views

On the slopes above the right bank of the Ohre river there are rocky outlooks on the Goethe Trail – a circular path winding over the town, approximately 50 m high above the road that connects Sokolov, Loket and Horni Slavkov. This road offers some of the most beautiful views of the castle, the city and the entire belt of walls below. A short circuit can be reached in one hour from the parking near gas station to the other side of the city.


Amphitheater Loket

Brand new golf course is located in the vicinity of Sokolov and Loket nad Ohri (5km). The 18-hole course with a par of 72 has about 640 square meters. Suitable both for beginners and for professional players. Cultural events in the Amphitheater.

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