Krásno sight tower

Krasno sight tower is one of the most admirable ones in the country. The tower is interesting with it’s spiral stairway leading on the sides of the actual 25 meters high tower. From the top you can see the hills of Krusne Hory, Doupovske Vrchy, Tepelska Highland and the highest peaks of Slavkovsky forest.
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Kladská moorlands

VIDEO: Kladská
The 814 meters over the sea situated village was built in 1875 by duke Schönburg according to the style of Swiss wooden cabins. The nature educational tour takes you arond Kladská lake with it’s moors and dew forests.
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Three crosses

According to a legend, the cross was erected in 1859 by a happy family as thanks for the healing of three sick brothers. They are supposed to resemble Calvary, a pilgrimage procession in the past. There is no procession for them today, because rare plants grow in place, the rarest is the chickweed. In the neighborhood there is an upland meadow, a European rarity and a national natural monument.

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