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Cycling and hiking

Link to the list of cycle-routes. There is a central cycle-route of the Karlsbad region directly in front of the Guesthouse. Favourite localities: rocks Svatosske Skaly, Kladska peatbog, Castle and manor Becov nad Teplou.


Popular tourist destinations: Svatošské rocks, Kladská, Krásno sight tower

Svatošské rocks are a easily approachable destination on the central bikeway, only 6 km far from the guesthouse. The natural reservation Kladská is 900 situated meter over the sea, which means, that there is the same nature, like in Sumava – moors, the vegetation and so on. Another attractive destination is the Krasno view-tower.


Rafting, Canoeing, Summer aqua-enjoyment

Rafting and canoeing – Ohře River

Our guesthouse is near the rental point (300m). You can make a trip from Loket to Karlsbad around Svatosske skaly (rocks) or make other canoe or raft trips. Contacts here: Dronte, Rafting Ohře, Pirrat


Lido Michal

Lido is a new complex, which is situated on the periphery of Sokolov (6km). You enjoy not only perfect bathing, but there are also many attractions (toboggan, triple-slide, floating attractions: big iceberg, trampolins, water swings…) Then there are available: beach-volleyball and tennis courts, skittles, buffet… More information.


Golf courses in region

Region with 9 golf courses

Golf fanciers find in Karlsbad region their slice of action. Some courses (Karlsbad, Sokolov) are 7km far, others up to 30km. The range of oportunities is really wide. Golf courses in the region.


Golf Club Sokolov

Brand new golf course is located in the vicinity of Sokolov and Loket nad Ohri (5km). The 18-hole course with a par of 72 has about 640 square meters. Suitable both for beginners and for professional players. More information.


Multifunctional sportcenter




Brand-new and for the present not ovecrowded cross-country skiresort, where you can see gorgeous views in the open country of National park-Slavkov forest. More information.
At good weather conditions there will be prepared over 40 km ski-tracks for cross-country ski-keeners . Together with classic ski-tracks will be made first kilometres for free style (“skating”)



Ski resorts: Klínovec, Boží Dar, Bublava, Pernink, Nové Hamry, Kraslice, etc.

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