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We recomend you to start the tour on T.G.Masaryk boulevard or at Thermal Hotel. Along the collonade gallery, where all of the springs are located, you come to the Pupp Grandhotel. From here you can take a cablerail ride to Diana sight tower, which offers a beautiful panorama.
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Deer Jump viewpoint

Deer Jump is the most famous viewpoint of the city, rising above the center of Karlovy Vary. In 1850, the local councilor of the town wanted to place a statue of a deer here as a reminder of the legend of the town’s founding, when Charles IV. he chased the deer hunting so hard that the cuckold fell directly from the rock to the hot spring.
Restaurant: Restaurant Jelení skok


Elizabeth Baths

Elizabeth Baths is public Baths. Elizabeth Baths is one of the largest consumers of hot mineral water in Karlovy Vary. They offer a complete range of services – about 60 types of procedures. All utilies the curative sources of the Calsbad region – hot springs and peat. There is also public swimming pool complex.
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Excursion to the underground of the colonnade

Under the colonnade floor there is a place for pumping, distribution and thermal regulation of the hot spring water. There are also spaces where the Karlovy Vary souvenirs are “growing” in the spring. A tourist trail has been put into operation in the old part of the spring underground since 2008. The tour starts with a geological model that will introduce you to the foundation of the Hot Spring Colonnade.


Jan Becher museum

VIDEO: Jan Becher muzeum
Visit the Becherovka museum on the T.G.Masaryk boulevard in Karlovy Vary. The degustation of three kinds of the liquor is a part of the tour. More Information.


Angel mountain

On a steep rock are the ruins of a Gothic castle founded by the Lords from Osek at the end of the 14th century. In 1635, the castle was burned down by Swedish troops, then rebuilt and inhabited until the early 18th century. There is a beautiful view from the top. In the village of the same name there is a former pilgrimage chapel of the Holy Trinity on the symbolic groundplan of the triangle.


Christmas house

Christmas house in Karlovy Vary is the first and the only in the Czech Republic, full of hand-painted decorations, angel babies, trees, lights, candles… People come here for inspiration, to do shopping, to relax, to remember and to soak in the chrismas feeling. More information.

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